Behaviour Management

“We all strive to make our school community a Christian Community where in a climate of love and trust we may help and guide our pupils to grow as individuals, trustworthy and confident”.

Within this framework, behaviour management, characterised by self-control, mutual respect and shared responsibility will be developed by and for all members of the community.

Central to the achievement and maintenance of behaviour management is the relationship between all community members:

Relationships will be developed and behaviour will be enhanced through positive interaction and direct teaching in all areas of the curriculum but especially in Religious Education, as well as through the work of special groups and programs:

The strategy of “catching children being good” will be applied wherever and whenever possible and children’s correct interactions and behaviour will be acknowledged and rewarded informally with praise or affirmation, and formally with awards within the classroom and across the wider community:

While positive reinforcement strategies form the foundation of behaviour  development, inappropriate behaviour will be actively discouraged and challenged. When necessary sanctions will be applied as consequences of the inappropriate behaviour.