We affirm that all students can learn and be taught. All Catholic children have a right to quality Catholic education and to accept a child for integration there must be adequate resources and personnel, and a commitment to that child by all school staff.


Before enrolling an integration student:

  • Normal requirements for enrolment at St. Raphael’s School must be met
  • Relevant services and facilities must be available
  • The disability must be fully assessed and its repercussions on the educational process documented
  • An enrolment and support group is to be formed and the advisability of enrolment acceptance be fully and openly discussed and explored
  • Important to make use of available service organisations and C.E.O. personnel
  • Staff should be fully involved in the decision-making on enrolment acceptance where appropriate

Enrolment & Support Group

  • Parent(s) of the student
  • Homeroom teacher
  • Student where appropriate
  • Special Education Co-ordinator and Aide
  • Representative(s) of service organisations
  • C.E.O. Adviser
  • Parent Advocate


  • To assist in decision-making process of enrolment acceptance
  • Review of program, identification and setting of short and long term goals
  • Mutual support group

Needs to be met by the Staff

  • information and advice
  • self-awareness
  • sensitivity
  • open communication of concerns
  • formal structures
  • objectivity


Where there is a need for specialised resources to assist in an integration program these should be made available.

Funding for these resources can be through:

  • Submissions to C.E.O.
  • School Budget
  • Donations by Parent Groups, etc.

School staff to be in-serviced by Advisers, etc., on the use of these specialised resources.