Religious Education

St Raphael’s Parish Primary School uses an integrated approach to Religion, as a model of learning and teaching in Religious Education.

The model ensures that rich concepts are the beginning of authentic learning experiences combining Faith and Life education. As a Catholic school, St Raphael’s Primary School is dedicated to promoting and living out the values of the Gospel as clearly expressed in our Mission and Vision Statement.

Religious Education is central to the curriculum and culture of St Raphael’s School.  We acknowledge the diversity of beliefs and cultures within our school, the broader community and world and so aim to implement a Religious Education Program which develops:

  • appreciation and deep understanding of the richness of the Catholic Tradition
  • religious self-understanding and spiritual awareness
  • openness to religious questions and to a religious interpretation of the world
  • awareness of the diversity of voices in society and within the school
  • discernment and participation informed by the Catholic TraditionSacramental ProgramWe recognise parents as the “primary and principal educators” of their children (Gravisimmum Educationis, n. 3).  Therefore, we seek to work in partnership with families in preparing children to celebrate and receive Catholic sacraments.

    The Parish of St Raphael’s West Preston provides a school-based program for the children who are preparing to celebrate the Sacraments of Penance Year 3, First Communion Year 4 and Confirmation Year 6 in the current year.