Student Wellbeing
Student Voice
The S.R.C. is an elected student body who represents the views of all students. The views, ideas and suggestions communicated to the S.R.C. meetings are discussed and considered by the S.R.C. The Principal in consultation with the S.R.C. and where necessary the School Staff may then act on the views, ideas and suggestions made by the larger student body.

Role of the S.R.C

  • to be responsible S.R.C. members
  • to represent the views/opinions of the class
  • to help make our school a happy place
  • to set a good example
  • to call regular class meetings
  • to help improve the behaviour of the children in the school
  • to listen to the ideas of other people
  • to take important information from the S.R.C. meetings back to classroom meetings
  • to take important information from the classroom back to the S.R.C. meeting
  • to assist in the running of weekly assemblies alongside the School Captains

The S.R.C. will consist of two elected student representative from each year level.

Elections to the S.R.C. will usually be held in the first few weeks of the school year.

Class Meetings

Two S.R.C. members from each level are nominated by the level to represent them at S.R.C. meetings.

It is one of the responsibilities of the S.R.C. representatives to hold a class meeting so that the class can discuss issues that they would like to have addressed at an S.R.C. meeting.