Learning & Teaching
Reporting and Assessment Policy
At St. Raphael’s our reporting & assessment strategies aim to reflect the Belief Statement and education approach of our school.


It is based on our belief that the school is focused on the total development of the child (social, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual).

Our Belief Statement states that learning is a developmental process where students are encouraged to build on prior knowledge and understanding.

We feel:

  • that all assessment & reporting procedures should be positive and constructive.
  • each child is an individual and should be assessed accordingly.
  • as co-educators, parents and teachers should share information about the child’s progress.
  • children are active participants in the learning process and have the opportunity to reflect on their own progress.
  • we are accountable for the learning experiences and progress of our students.

Features Of Report

  • Mid year and end of year report
  • Builds on previous knowledge
  • Achievement based
  • Codes for level of achievement
  • Student self-assessment
  • Written comments

Reporting To Parents

  • General and specific information nights
  • Parent/teacher interviews:
    – compulsory mid-year
    – opportunity to request an interview by teacher or parent in October
    – parent request interview end of year
  • mid-year progress report
  • end of year report
  • availability of appointments between parents, teachers and principal throughout the year
  • Student Welfare & Support Group Meetings
  • Integration Support Meeting

Assessment Concepts

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Its main purpose is to assist student learning.

  • Provides information about individual student progress
  • Provides information about standards achieved by students
  • Recognises individual achievement
  • Provides diagnostic information for improving student learning
  • Provides diagnostic information to inform program planning and evaluation