Enrolment Information
St. Raphael’s School offers enrolment to all children within the parish of West Preston. It is a school in which the vision of life, realised through the teachings of Jesus Christ, is promoted and developed. It gives an opportunity for those who pass through it to adopt its ideals and share in a Gospel-centered Catholic School.

Prior to enrolment consideration has to be given to:

  • Current class numbers
  • Classroom sizes
  • Access of classrooms for physically disabled

The age of children seeking enrolment is also taken into account.

1. Priority access to St. Raphael’s school will be given to:

  • Catholic children within the Parish
  • Catholic children living outside the parish, for whose families this parish is the place of worship.

2. When the Principal is approached to consider an enrolment, it is suggested that the initial request to the school be regarded as a listening, rather than a decision-making time and information volunteered by the parents should be noted. If enrolment is for special needs students, then the procedure to establish a P.S.G. would be outlined.

3. Acceptance of enrolment for special needs students will be based on the Program Support Group’s (P.S.G.) assessment of the school’s ability to cater for their special needs.

4. Non-Catholic children will be enrolled:

  • When enrolment would not exclude other Catholic children.
  • When class sizes meet the recommendation of the Victorian Catholic School Award.
  • When parents understand that the nature, life and identify of the school must be respected.
  • When there is an understanding that enrolment within our school does not automatically give them the right of admission to a Catholic Secondary School.
  • To satisfy C.E.C.V. guidelines.

5. Catholic children will not be excluded from St. Raphael’s because their parents are unable to pay school fees. On acceptance of enrolment all families agree to accept the financial commitment and special consideration may be made for families unable to pay the full school fees.


Upon an approach for Special Needs enrolment, the Principal will establish a Program Support Group.

Procedure For Prep Enrolments

Children who will be five years of age on or before April 30th of the year of their starting school, may be enrolled.

Information regarding application for enrolment is circulated. Enrolments in the Parish School of St Raphael’s are undertaken as early as is practical and timing may vary from year to year. Dates for availability of forms are advertised in the Parish Bulletin and local Kindergartens are informed where possible. In due course, all successful applicants will be notified of a meeting which they are required to attend. Presence at this meeting ensures that all are aware of the established principles set by the Parish with regard to the structure and payment of School Fees and the responsibility in sharing the burden of payment for School Building, Maintenance, etc.

In the meantime, the Foundation teachers undertake the visitation of relevant Kindergartens to observe prospective pupils at work/play, and to enlist the aid or advice of the Kindergarten Teacher regarding special considerations or concerns particularly those children with intellectual, social, emotional or behavioural disabilities, or delayed maturation problems. Collation of material is strictly confidential and may be discussed with parents at their subsequent interview.

Parents are informed by letter of a suitable interview time in which they will meet and speak with the Principal. The prime criteria for consideration are as follows and are in line with The Catholic Education Office of Melbourne:

  • Catholic children who are residents of the parish
  • Catholic children who do not reside in the parish but are recognised as parishioners by the Parish Priest
  • Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside in the parish
  • Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside outside the parish
  • Other Christian children who reside in the parish
  • Other Christian children who reside outside the parish
  • Children of all religious and non-religious beliefs.

NB. Siblings of children already enrolled in the school should be given a priority.

If numbers allow, secondary consideration may be given to children out of the St Raphael’s Parish boundaries whose parents are prepared to fulfil the commitment to education in Christian values as stated in St Raphael’s School Policy. The Principal in his interview may also request any medical information, particularly that of a serious nature which might affect the child’s learning ability or mobility within the school context. At the conclusion of this process, the Principal will determine those applicants whose enrolments have been successful. Dependant on variant factors, a second interview may be considered necessary. Final acceptances will be notified by letter. Children are invited to an Orientation Morning towards the end of the year.

Other documentation required with Application for Enrolment is:

  • Baptism Certificate (if of Catholic or Christian belief)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Completed Immunisation Certificate